Why we are Investing

Levvel, like most technology companies, is a beneficiary of the open source community. In turn our clients are able to innovate based on the works by thousands of technologists that came before. Levvel wants to help our clients change the world and without open source this would be significantly more difficult. Imagine a world where each the cost of entry was driven by license and subscription costs with no alternative. New market entrants and innovators would require significant capital just to get started ensuring that innovation was only possible by large corporations or well funded organizations - the very organizations that often find it most difficult to innovate.

Open source provides the backbone to innovation and technology. Without open source, it would be infinitely more difficult to innovate and change the world.

With this recognition, Levvel wants to invest time and resources into Open Source so we can give back to the community that has enabled this innovation.

What to Expect Next

While Levvel does not currently maintain any existing open source libraries, we are creating an internal framework that will support and encourage technologists to contribute more easily existing open source projects and create their own. We will feature and highlight projects here, so check back later to see what our team(s) create.