Interview Journey

In early July 2020, I joined Levvel’s Client Solutions team with the previous 11 years of my career spent in consulting and technology program management.

Experience has taught me that to thrive and enjoy my career, I need to work with a company that aligns with my values, is collaborative and growth-minded, and supports employees and clients. The interview experience was positive, engaging, and transparent; it was almost immediately apparent Levvel was where I wanted to be.


Onboarding in 2020 was different from most years, probably any year, and that’s likely true for every company that was growing through the pandemic.

While completely virtual, my onboarding experience was positive and I felt supported by HR, my people manager, peers, and Levvel Leadership. I was given all the tools needed to get started on day one and was empowered to reach out to people in the company for introductions and questions.

6-month Impression

After less than six months with Levvel, my expectations of my new employer, team, clients, and responsibilities have all been exceeded.

Never before have I worked with a culture so collaborative and hungry to grow through continuous improvement. I’ve been given enough autonomy to own my role and stretch my abilities while feeling like part of a larger, cohesive team.

My Role and Looking Ahead

I take on leadership responsibilities on client accounts while simultaneously assisting sales directors in pursuing new engagements. This scope, combined with opportunities surrounding internal improvement initiatives with bright and talented colleagues, means every day is a new opportunity to be challenged and grow.

Levvel is a special company with the proven ability to grow through adversity. I see it as an exciting and forward-thinking firm to be a part of for years to come.