At Levvel we’re striving to build the best company possible. A big part of that is building a company that is both diverse and inclusive. The quality of a company comes down to it’s people after all. To ensure that

Diversity and Inclusiveness

(D&I) continues to be a core value for the company we’re kicking off our first D&I initiative and engaging with a D&I consultant at our headquarters in Charlotte. The process includes an initial evaluation of where Levvel stands today, a 6-8 month rollout of specific D&I initiatives, and an intentional focus on building a lasting cultural impact on the company. We believe so strongly in the process, and the value of supporting and cultivating a diverse workforce, that we’re keeping a public log of our activities on our blog.

What is Diversity and Inclusiveness, and why is it so important?

Diversity has many different dimensions including race/ethnicity, generation, gender, ability, and more. Having a diverse team with a broad mix of backgrounds and life experiences adds tangible value. Studies have shown that diverse teams outperform homogenous teams and are measurably more innovative.*

Inclusion touches on how our company interacts with employees and stakeholders of varying backgrounds. We want to make sure that all of our employees are comfortable simply being who they are. Accomplishing this requires a concerted effort to make company culture open and accepting. Diversity is more visible and, in some ways, easier to address, while inclusiveness touches on a deeper level and effects how employees interact with one another and the company. Our aim is not Diversity and Inclusiveness for the sake of Diversity and Inclusiveness, but for making sure that we attract, retain, and grow the best team possible.

An industry problem

It’s painfully obvious that the tech industry is not very diverse in the US. The industry as a whole is only 25% female and 36% minority (defined as individuals who identify as non-white).* Companies are addressing this issue on every level. For example, Google spent more than $150 million on diversity efforts in 2015.* It’s a problem that will only be solved by companies across the industry working toward a common goal.

Our leadership team has, from day one, included D&I as a core value. By initiating this process at our current stage of growth, Levvel will be positioned to grow into a more innovative and successful team in the future. After all, it’s all about providing our clients with an unfair competitive advantage.